Anti Jump Barriers and Pass Through Trays

Anti Jump Barriers and Pass Through Trays

Customer Service Counters

For a variety of reasons you may have a need to safeguard the welfare of your staff – and an open counter situation is not going to be appropriate. There may be a need to limit the physical interaction that takes place between your staff and the customer. In some cases a complete physical separation is desired but a need to pass objects/documents in a controlled manner may still be required.


  • Would ‘anti-jump’ measures suffice?
  • What sort of actual physical interaction is needed between the parties – just speech? small documents?
  • Is there a need to fully shield the staff member from the possible use of a weapon?
  • Appearances: The design ought not scare off your customers!
  • Practical: The design needs to be practical, simple, and reliable if things get tense…

Physical Security Options

Glazed Counter Top Panels

  • Glass or polycarbonate panels are available in a variety of thickness and strength types.
  • These all provide a generally visually attractive appearance.
  • Being transparent they enable good vision by both parties of the situation.
  • Horizontal or Vertical ‘gaps/holes’ in a partial glass or polycarbonate counter top barrier
  • Separate but offset or overlapping panels of glass or polycarbonate counter top barriers
  • These allow speech and interchange and can designed to limit the amount of physical interaction between parties.
  • Speech pattern holes in an otherwise full glass or polycarbonate counter barrier

Horizontal Wire Strands

Normally wire stands are run horizontally thru slim metal pipes or posts intended purely as an anti-jump measure.  These allow easy speech and interchange of items, but afford a low level of security

Speech Transfer

Clear speech transfer is vital to any communication. The presence of any sort of barrier will have some negative effect on speech transfer. Consider speech holes, gaps, vents or electronic intercom devices.

Stainless Steel Pass Thru' Trays

  • Pass Trays are intended to provide semi or complete physical separation Commonly – pass trays are intended to enable the transmission of small items and documents (A4 or A3 size)
  • Ideally these should be made from high grade stainless steel and designed to enable easy and chemical resistant cleaning to maintain a hygienic surface
  • These are normally situated immediately below a full glass or polycarbonate glazed panel
  • Sliding pass trays are controlled by the staff member and need to simplistic, durable and safe to use.
  • These can range from a small simple dish (for cash and the like) to larger items to handle parcels/goods as desired.
  • Some speech transfer is generally feasible thru a pass tray – although probably not ideal..

Ballistic Rated Pass Trays

Passtrays can be designed to be weapon resistant !  Click here for Ballistic Rated Pass Tray pdf download

Corrections Pass Trays

Special places require suitably designed items – talk to us !

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