Steel Doors & Windows

Steel Framed Windows and Doors

Modern steel framed windows and doors are quality products and are typically desired and produced for the simple fact that they offer inherent protection to a variety of threats – ballistic, blast, intruder attack and fire.

Traditional steel profiles struggle to meet ballistic resistance requirements and for this reason Requisite Products Ltd have developed stronger custom made profiles and systems.

Why Steel

  • Fully welded steel windows, door leaves and door frames offer strength that is not possible with timber or aluminium.
  • Steel frames offer durability and reliability.
  • Steel frames are often preferred in high use zones and usually outlast the hardware fitted.
Steel Framed Windows

Hardware Considerations


Windows which are intended to be secure or to a secure facility are normally non-opening items.

Careful selection of window hardware is needed should an opening window be needed – complicated by the fact that window hardware tends to offer less attack resistance than door hardware.  Please contact us for discussion and information.

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  • It is important that the hardware selected is appropriate to the purpose and requirements of the door itself.
  • Should the door open out or in ?
  • What do you need to do to open the door?
  • Does anyone need to know the door has been opened?
  • The door looks shut but how do you know if it’s locked?
  • A huge range of door hardware exists offering varying degrees of strength, functionality, manual or electronic operation and monitoring

Hardware items to consider

security doors
  • Hinges, Pivots, Sliders
  • Door Seals and Drop Seals
  • Anti Tamper – strike shields, leaf pins.
  • Closers, Arm or Cam Action, Floor Springs, Concealed,.
  • Handles – Push/Pull, Lever, Panic Bars
  • Locks – Manual, Electric, Latching, Deadlocks, Multi-point Locks.
  • Keying, Swipe cards, Access Levels, Biometric Access
  • Reed Switches and Lock Monitoring

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