Grilles, Bars, Mesh & Perforated Panels

Window Bars, Grilles, Mesh & Perforated Panels

Contemporary steel bars, grilles and mesh have replaced the unsightly steel protection historically installed in buildings.   Modern steel solutions provide effective levels of protection to enhance security glazing or replace it where the glazing does not meet the specific type of protection demanded.
window bars

Grilles & Bars offer a simplistic solution by virtue of their :

  • Deterrent Effect – Your premises won’t look like an easy target!
  • Dependable – No moving parts, No electronic components
  • Durable – Long Lasting 
  • Strong and Effective Solution – Obvious strength and security 
  • Cost Effective – Only basic maintenance required

....But They Look Ugly

…but they don’t need to be!

Horizontal and Vertical are the norm…. but consider the use of various modern styles of mesh, perforated steel or stainless steel panels to achieve the level of protection sought.

What's Needed and How Do I choose?

  • Good Fixing: The grille will require good fixing, and we can offer advice on best fixing location and method.
  • Style Options: There are many types of aluminium, steel, stainless steel mesh and perforated panels available. These offer all manner of looks, styles and hole sizes
  • Choosing: To choose what’s best you consider the type of threat, aperture size, appearance, frame type, fixing and access. 

Not Sure? We can help you decide.