Ballistic Resistance

Organisational and electronic aspects are essential elements within the combination of measures you can take to avert an attack or raid.  If an incident does occur, however, the level of physical security you have in place is often the crucial factor in preventing injury.

Requisite Products Ltd can offer advice on physical ballistic resistance and can also manufacture, supply and install all the ballistic-resistant products that are needed in accordance with the applicable specifications.  If you wish, they can also be offered in combination with intruder, blast and fire resistant properties.

Click here to download pdfs on Bullet Resistant Steel Framed Glazed Doors and Bullet Resistant Steel Framed Glazed Windows

Attack Testing

International test standards relating to ballistic test resistance are generally very similar, with similar sized bullets fired at similar speeds.  The chart below is a guide only, and expert opinion should be sought if a comparison is required.

The Australia and New Zealand common standard AS / NZS 2343 requires three shots per sample and is therefore a more vigorous test.  The USA standard – NIJ 0108.1 requires five shots per sample.  Internationally, test standards NIJ 0108.1 and UL752 are probably the most widely accepted.  Click here to download Ballistic Test Standard Comparison pdf.

Weapon Projectile Typical Glass Thickness AS/NZ 2343 (1997) US NIJ 0108.1 (1985) UL 752 DIN EN 1063 (1999)
Handgun .38 or .22 Type I  Level 0  BR1
Handgun 9mm parabellum 20 G0 Type II  Level 1  BR2
Handgun .357 magnum 26 G1 Type II-A  Level 2  BR3
Handgun .44 magnum 37 G2  Type III-A  Level 3  BR4
Rifle 5.56mm 36 R1  Type III-SP  Level 7  BR5
Shotgun 12 gauge – multi shot 40 S0  Type II-A  Shotgun  SG1 /SG2
Shotgun 12 gauge – single slug 42 S1  Type III  Shotgun  SG1 /SG2
Rifle 7.62 mm rifle 58 R2  Type III  Level 8  BR6

Most ballistic test standards require a ‘witness card’ made of a thin material that is positioned closely behind the test item, and ANY perforation of it constitutes a failure.