Panic and Safe Rooms

Panic or Safe Rooms

If you have a need for a secure room in your home or premises, we are able to design and provide it.  We have been involved in the design of a number of such facilities, all with unique features.  The general intent is to provide a sanctuary space that can be readily and quickly accessed  – and secured.


  • What type of threats do you perceive may be likely?
  • Where to situate the Safe Room?
  • What are the surrounding floor/ceiling/walls made of and what qualities do they offer?
  • Do you need a means of escape?

For PDF detailing Safe Room (Panic Room) requirements, click here


There are many options in terms of construction, physical and electronic hardware to consider.

Safe Rooms Completed by Requisite

Click on the links below to open details of recently completed Safe Rooms by Requisite.

Server Safe Room – May 2021

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