Threat Type


What Is Your Threat?

  • Keeping people in…or out?  
  • Protection of property?
  • Safeguarding goods?  
  • Protection of Display or Historical items?
  • Protection of staff?
  • Protection of you and your family?

Why Bother With Physical Security?

Protection comes at a necessary cost.  Protection can be achieved with electronic means, physical means or a combination of both.

Relying purely on an electronic solution may not be enough.  Sometimes there is no substitute for a ‘safety first’ approach.  Strategically placed items of physical security joinery can provide a dependable solution.

Ballistic Resistance

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Intruder Resistance

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Blast Resistance

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Correctional & General Products

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What We Do

Requisite Products Ltd specialise in providing physical methods of achieving the desired level of protection and will work with associated companies where a need for electronic componentry is also required.

Why Steel?

  • Fully welded steel windows, door leaves and door frames offer strength that is not possible with timber or aluminium.
  • Steel frames offer durability and reliability.
  • Steel frames are often preferred in high use zones and often outlast the hardware fitted.

Glass, Polycarbonate, Film or a combination?

The choice of glazing will be critical to the expected performance. The numerous and varied glazing choices that are available in todays world provide another challenge to determining ‘what is it you need?’

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Applications For Steel

  • Police Stations, Courthouse, Correctional facilities
  • Reception Areas, Cash Rooms, Data Centres
  • Hospitals, Mental Health Facilities
  • Zoos, Museums, Displays
  • Embassies, Diplomatic Residences, Private Dwellings

Good things take time

Development of a solution and manufacturing may take longer than you think. It costs nothing to ask….